How it started

Being a successful IT startup with amazing perspectives was perfect for us till the time when we faced a really painful issue – providing of 24/7 support.

As it was pretty expensive and long to build the Customer Care department, we started to search for an outsourcing company that provided real-time qualitative 24/7 support.

We had made several dozens of tries and found out that there were hundreds of support providers but none of them satisfied our needs

When our close friends faced the same problem we’ve decided that self-help was the best help.
In the end, the group of dedicated specialists started digging into tons of information and working hard to make SupportHunt see the light.

We’ve made researches to find out what it takes to become a professional support representative

Built several strategies

Tested hundreds of apps and finally - beaten the odds

Now we have a strong knowledge base and the best team of professional selfless specialists who know how to make a customer happy and solve their problem, what approach to take to calm an angry customer down and make him feel important, or write an email with the least chance of a follow-up.

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