Behind any great theater play, there is a massive teamwork of hundreds of people. Each of them has certain tasks that are interrelated to other team members performance.
Behind our strong and fruitful partnership there is a well-thought detailed plan on how our teams will work together to guarantee smooth support process and perfect cooperation. We will build it together considering all business needs and technical possibilities.
Our first contact. You schedule a meeting with us and we discuss all the tiniest details that are important for our successful cooperation.
We will find out what area your business belongs to, what channels you prefer to use for interactions with your customers, what kind of support the company needs and so on.
This communication will not be made only once - we will always stay in touch from the very start till the very end.

You prepare and provide our team with the information and all necessary materials about

1. What your company does
2. What products it has or services offers
3. Terms and ways you use to work with your customers
Update the information in future according to all your novelties and changes
Team assignment.
Straight after we receive the last byte of information, we study and analyze it to assign a dedicated team that has the most knowledge and experience in your field. After this, they start the deep dive into the informational ocean.
Integration process
After we determine what channels fit your business the most, our development team starts writing all necessary scripts to guarantee easy and polished integration. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience behind their backs so you can rely on us without any doubts.

Support process

Our team needs only one week to learn everything about your products and company as well as to finish all integration processes to provide professional support. It doesn’t need your assistance as long as your participation is required to solve a certain problem. In such case, we will contact your specialists immediately after such issue appears. But you don’t have to worry - your customers will be cared about till you eliminate it.


At the end of every month we will send you a report which will include details of interactions with your customers and website visitors. Average response time, number of live chat or/and email interactions, amount of solved tickets,your customers feedback or suggestions on product improvements and so on. No tricks, you will be able to monitor how our team works.

The best part of qualitative support is happiness of customers. Having an outsourced team that helps you to run business will improve the authority and build trust to your company.

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