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Empower Your Shoppers with 24/7 Self-Service
Support Hunt's cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot seamlessly integrates with your existing third-party tools and systems. It handles everything, from addressing straightforward shipping inquiries to efficiently managing intricate processes such as refunds and exchanges

Transform Conversations into Seamless Checkouts

Enhanced Convenience: Provide your customers with the convenience of shopping at any time, day or night. With 24/7 self-service options, they can find information, make inquiries, and place orders at their own pace.
Boosted Sales: Turning conversations into checkouts means that every interaction with your customers becomes an opportunity for a sale. Whether they have a question or need assistance, your chat support can seamlessly guide them towards making a purchase.
Improved Customer Satisfaction: By offering a smooth transition from inquiries to purchases, you're meeting your customers' needs efficiently. This level of service can lead to higher customer satisfaction, as they appreciate the ease and responsiveness of your support.
Increased Revenue: With more conversations leading to checkouts, you're likely to see an uptick in revenue. The ability to close sales 24/7 ensures you're not missing out on potential income, even during non-business hours.
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Reduce Support Costs

Never Miss a Sales Opportunity: Effortlessly Resolve Every Inquiry, From Common to Complex.
From Product Recommendations to Order Tracking, Exchanges, and Refunds – We've Got You Covered.
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Reduce friction. Drive loyalty.

Seamlessly Integrate Support Hunt's No-Code Ecommerce Solutions with Your Order Management Software, CRM, and More, Enabling Personalized CX and Streamlined Customer Journeys.
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Scale customer support

Optimize Resource Allocation: Effortlessly Scale Support to Handle High Ticket Volumes During Peak Shopping Seasons, Ensuring Exceptional Customer Experience Without Expanding Your Workforce.
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Efficient Onboarding

Our team can fully understand your products and company within one week, including building and training your customer support AI Chatbot. You won't need to be involved unless a specific issue requires your expertise. In that case, we'll promptly reach out to your specialists.


At the close of each month, we’ll send you a straightforward invoice for your AI chatbot. Should your chat volume exceed 15,000 chats per month, there will be an additional charge of $10 for every 1,000 chat interactions.

The most rewarding aspect of quality support is customer happiness. By having an AI chatbot seamlessly assist your business, you'll not only enhance your brand authority but also foster trust among your customers.

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