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We support your customers 24/7 via your Bot/live chat system


You are busy with everyday business tasks, adding new products, analyzing market, spying on competitors, developing sales strategies and don’t have time to answer your online store visitor's or customer’s questions.



Our live chat agents communicate with all your visitors and customers without making any of them wait for a reply. Let us care about them 24/7/365 while you are busy.


You are using bots that need endless customization and don’t “feel” your customers. They don’t understand the details of the site visitors questions and frequently may send an inappropriate message.


Our AI chatbot Elevate customer interactions with advanced AI capabilities, delivering personalized and intelligent conversations to all your visitors and customers.


To provide online 24/7 support by your own forces, you need to hire at least 4 employees 3 customer support agents and 1 manager, who will need some working space, equipment and also you will have to pay them. As a result, you waste your time and money.


At SupportHunt you will get a team of specialists who already have all necessary equipments, downloaded apps and you don’t have to invest the time in educating them. Another benefit is the fact that the monthly fee is less than an average support specialist’s salary. Make your customers feel you are concerned about their problems with the help of the outsourced support managed by the SupportHunt team.

The best part of qualitative support is happiness of customers. Having an outsourced team that helps you to run business will improve the authority and build trust to your company.

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