Case Study: Elevating Customer Support for Tilevo with Support Hunt


Tilevo, a manufacturer of innovative home and kitchen products, was grappling with customer support challenges as they scaled their business. They turned to Support Hunt to streamline their customer support operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


The Challenge

As Tilevo’s sales volume increased after they started selling in Amazon US, so did the complexity queries. Their in-house team was overwhelmed, leading to:


Key Issues:

1- Inconsistent Response Times

2- Limited After-Hours Support

3- Lack of Specialized Expertise for Complex Queries

4- Outdated Customer Support Tools


The Solution

Support Hunt offered a customized customer support outsourcing solution to address Tilevo’s specific challenges.


Key Strategies:

1- 24/7 Support: Ensured continuous customer support to handle queries from different time zones.

2- Expert Training: Conducted in-depth training sessions for agents to become experts on Tilevo’s diverse product range.

3- Advanced Tools: Integrated state-of-the-art AI chatbots for efficient query handling.

4- Quality Assurance: Implemented regular quality checks and feedback loops for continuous improvement.


The Results

After three months of collaboration with Support Hunt, Tilevo experienced significant improvements:

1- Response Time: Reduced average response time from 12 hours to under 1 hour.

2- Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction scores soared from 70% to 98%.

3- Cost Efficiency: Achieved a 25% reduction in customer support operational costs.

4- Complex Queries: Successfully resolved 99% of complex queries within the first interaction.



“Working with Support Hunt has been transformative for our customer support. Their team’s expertise and advanced tools have enabled us to focus on our core business while ensuring our customers are well taken care of.”

— Leah Liu. , COO, Tilevo



Support Hunt’s tailored solutions have empowered Tilevo to provide exceptional customer service, leading to increased customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

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