Case Study: Elevating Tayroc.com’s Customer Support Experience with Support Hunt


Tayroc.com, a premium watch and accessories brand, was grappling with customer support challenges as they expanded their global reach. They chose to collaborate with Support Hunt to streamline their customer support and enhance customer satisfaction.


The Challenge

Tayroc.com faced several challenges as they scaled:


Key Issues:

1- Global Customer Base: Difficulty in providing 24/7 support.

2- Product Queries: Complex questions about watch features and specifications.

3- Return and Warranty Issues: Handling returns and warranty claims efficiently.

4- Customer Retention: Maintaining high-quality support to encourage repeat purchases.


The Solution

Support Hunt offered a comprehensive customer support outsourcing package tailored to Tayroc.com’s specific needs.


Key Strategies:

1- Product Training: Support agents were trained extensively on Tayroc’s product line.

2- 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock support to cater to global customers.

3- Multi-Channel Support: Integration of email, chat, and social media support.

4- Quality Assurance: Regular audits to ensure top-notch service quality.


The Results

The partnership yielded significant improvements within just three months:

1- First Response Time: Reduced from 12 hours to 1 hours.

2- Customer Satisfaction Score: Increased from 70% to 92%.

3- Return Handling: 80% of return and warranty issues resolved within 24 hours.

4- Cost Savings: 40% reduction in customer support operational costs.



“Partnering with Support Hunt has been transformative for our customer support. Their team’s expertise and dedication have helped us offer unparalleled service to our customers.”

— Reiss Edgerton, Co Founder, Tayroc.com



Support Hunt’s specialized customer support services have empowered Tayroc.com to deliver exceptional customer service, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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