Case Study: Transforming’s Customer Support with Support Hunt

Introduction, a leading SEO platform, was facing challenges in providing timely and effective customer support. They partnered with Support Hunt to optimize their customer support operations and improve user satisfaction.


The Challenge

As’s user base grew, the company encountered several issues:


Key Issues:

1- Complex Queries: Handling specialized SEO-related questions.

2- High Ticket Volume: Increasing number of support tickets.

3-Resource Limitations: Inadequate in-house staff for 24/7 support.

4- User Experience: Inconsistent support quality affecting customer loyalty.


The Solution

Support Hunt offered a customized customer support outsourcing package tailored to’s unique needs.


Key Strategies:

1- SEO Training: Support agents underwent specialized training on SEO and’s platform.

2- 24/7 Support: Continuous support to cater to a global customer base.

3- Advanced Tools: Utilization of cutting-edge ticketing systems.

4- Quality Assurance: Regular quality checks to maintain high standards.


The Results

The collaboration led to remarkable improvements within the first three months:

1- First Response Time: Reduced from 8 hours to 1 hours.

2- Customer Satisfaction Score: Increased from 75% to 95%.

3- Ticket Resolution: 90% of tickets resolved within the first interaction.

4- Operational Efficiency: 35% reduction in operational costs.



“Support Hunt has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise in SEO and commitment to quality support have allowed us to offer top-notch service to our clients.”

— Patrick Babakhanian, Founder,



Support Hunt’s specialized customer support solutions have enabled to significantly improve their customer service, thereby increasing user satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

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