Case Study: Transforming Naturments’ Customer Support with Support Hunt


Naturments, a leading brand in natural health supplements, was facing challenges in managing their growing customer support needs. They partnered with Support Hunt to optimize their customer support operations and improve customer satisfaction.


The Challenge

Naturments’ rapid growth led to an influx of customer queries, overwhelming their in-house support team. This resulted in:


Key Issues:

1- Delayed Response Times

2- Inadequate Expertise in Health and Wellness Queries

3- Inefficient Use of Support Tools


The Solution

Support Hunt offered a comprehensive customer support outsourcing solution tailored to Naturments’ unique needs.


Key Strategies:

1- 24/7 Support: Provided round-the-clock support to cater to a global customer base.

2- Specialized Training: Conducted specialized training for support agents to handle health and wellness-related queries.

3- Integrated AI tools to streamline support operations.


The Results

Within just three months of collaboration, Naturments saw remarkable improvements:

1- Response Time: Reduced from 12 hours to less than 1 hours.

2- Customer Satisfaction: Increased from 75% to 95%.

3- Customer Support Operational Costs: Reduced by 50%.

4- Query Resolution: 98% of queries resolved within the first interaction.



“Support Hunt has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise in customer support and their ability to adapt to our specific needs has made a world of difference. We can now focus on what we do best—providing quality health supplements.”

— Dr. Maha Abdeljawad, CEO, Naturments



Support Hunt’s customized solutions have enabled Naturments to offer top-notch customer service, thereby increasing customer loyalty and reducing operational costs.

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