Customer Support: What trends to follow

Customer Support: What trends to follow

There is no need to remind how crucial Customer Care is. The numbers speak for themselves: companies which pay insufficient attention to Support service lose billions of dollars yearly. How not to repeat their mistakes.

Just keep in mind the following tips and go ahead creating up-to-date Support Strategy.

Take care of your Customers: provide free-and-easy talk

Empathetic communication is considered to be the most important part of Customer Care by the 40% customers. Human service increases clients’ loyalty and gives them a pleasant experience.

There are a few points to improve your Customer Support’s empathy:

  • Personalization. Use Customers name both Live Chat and Emails. Try to build the interaction according to the client’s goals and preferences. Motivate to share with Customers story and be ready to listen properly.
  • Avoid your chat agents depersonalization although. Use their names and, if it is suitable – their photos. Thus customers will feel more comfortable.
  • Informal communication. In most cases, casual is more preferable to your Clients. Try not to make them feel like on the Math exam. Defuse the situation with a witty and apposite joke.
  • Do not be afraid to stand corrected. Sincerely excuse really matters: compensation with the apologies leads to twice as much satisfaction than just compensation.

Try to understand your users and improve your product with their feedback.

Make sure your Customer Support is cross-platform

Nowadays the biggest part of the traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is crucial to have cross-platform Support channels. Note that about 63% of American customers look for a Support Service by their smartphone. While it seems obvious, almost 90% of users face issues with Support reachability from mobile devices.

Take care your Support Channel is available from mobile and the interface displays correctly.

Find the Golden mean between speed and efficiency

To build efficient Customer Care you should manage your resources wisely. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Your customers and, especially, leads will definitely have lots of quick questions to familiarize with your services’ excellence. Make sure you are able to provide them with the prompt answers. Nobody likes spending their time waiting for a response. It is quite the case when Live Chat shows its power.

On the other hand, don’t forget that Live Chat has strongly limited time for an answer, so complicated queries cannot be solved via this channel. Provide your customers with overall email support for dealing with such issues.

Use the Live Chat support for immediate interactions and the email support for the problem-solving cases. Implementation of these both support channels advantages will help you provide well-timed guidance for quick queries and circumstantial assistance for more complicated issues.

Hence you can satisfy the needs of the inexperienced lead and regular customer.

Do not rely entirely on chatbots

Despite immediate reaction and multithreading, chatbots show disheartening incompetence in complicated interactions, thus,  users majority consider them deficiently helpful. That is why chatbots are preferred in simple cases.

It is also important to pay enough attention to chatbots and live agents collaboration: 59% customers admit that the most annoying point in their chatbot support experience is necessary to repeat all details to the live agent.

Look out! Phone Support loses its ground

For the last years, Phone support rapidly loses its place in Customer Support. The main reason why Phone Support makes your clients upset is necessary to wait a long time before they will be able to speak to a real person.

You should also take account of contemporary multitasking. The customer can be just to busy to spend time with the phone waiting for a response and assistance.


Creating efficient Customer Support is a rocky road. Sincerity, openness, and attention to details will help you to go through it. Hang on your users’ convenience and take a deep breath 🙂

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