How Clients Central works with SupporHunt to deliver excellent customer service via online chat

How Clients Central works with SupporHunt to deliver excellent customer service via online chat

Sometimes even one tiny part that is missing can disbalance the whole business process. As a result, a business owner can fail in a few spheres: provide weak support to his customers, have not enough time to build marketing strategies or improve his product/services, etc. In most of the cases, the assistance of outsourced company may work wonders. For instance, if you hire skilled support team, you will be sure that your customers get replies to their questions while you are busy with business development.

Clients Central is a complete marketing system that generates leads and converts them to paying customers in a few clicks. To create a campaign you don’t need a website or be tech nerd. The system has everything to help any business grow and gain more clients.

From the very beginning, the Clients Central support was great as far as the people were concerned. But soon specialists faced the lack of reporting to see what their clients were asking, stats on service standards; they had a limited help center and no time to improve it. One of the most important problems was an absence of the possibility to communicate to all their users about new features and provide on-time online assistance.

This was the time when Mark Vurnum, a founder of the company, jumped in a chat with SupportHunt. After a quick conversation, it was clear enough to both sides that the requirements and offered solutions completed the puzzle and the SupportHunt team was already in.

In a few days, the integration process has started. It included implementation of live chat to the marketing platform, creating of canned replies, building communication bridges between two teams, training of SupportHunt team by Clients Central support representatives, and endless discussions on how it is better to reply to a specific query. After a week of education, online chat agents started to support ten clients. A week after, SupportHunt team improved the knowledge base and got access to the whole clients base.

It didn’t take much time to understand that implementation of the live chat support was a right choice after we received the flow of messages full of excitement from Clients Central customers in reply to the new live chat feature announcement. Among these responses there also were first questions and issues reports.

Any new business partnership has its own specific details that appear with the development of such relationships. In the process of training SupportHunt was provided with video materials, but soon enough we’ve got that some of the files don’t cover all the informational gaps we had. It is great when a customer is open to cooperation and provides all the information fast and in clearly described form. This is what Clients Central did. Thanks to the quick and on-time reaction, our team learned the missing bits and created canned replies in a few days.

Training vs. real support is another “standard” nuance. When receiving your first question from a customer at online chat you catch yourself on thinking that it is something you were not prepared for. However, all sharp edges were efficiently smoothed in the shortest time thanks to efforts taken by both teams.

“It’s great having longer ‘opening’ hours to help clients. The Live Chat is more friendly and personal compared to our ticket system. I like that we can communicate and engage with our users so much more. We now have stats on service standards, we can ‘tag’ to see what support questions we are being asked and can take action to resolve the queries. We are currently building the Help Centre which is so easy to use. We are finding out more about what our Users think and want as they have been more open to the chat rather than ‘putting in a ticket’. I love that we can monitor people slipping away and can communicate with them and offer help. We can give such a great service now. The whole of Support feels like one Team rather than 2 separate companies working together. Loving it x. “

Mags O’Brien – Clients Central Support

Now, providing 16 hours / 7 days online support, SupportHunt team closes about 10-15 tickets on average every day. Median response time is 1 minute. All the technical issues are immediately passed to the development team and solved in the shortest time possible. Clients Central support team has more time to build their help center, record training videos. Now, they easily get a clear understanding what their customers want to be improved.

It is not a secret that outsourced online support agents provide flexibility and chance to concentrate on what really matters for any business. SupportHunt team proves it every single day by giving our customers additional free time and providing top-notch clients support while secret business ingredients are being cooked.

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